Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary series airing originally on Showcase, and later on Netflix.

Connection to Mt. AraratEdit

Most official Mt. Ararat credits and advertisements use the font Impact, which is regularly used on Trailer Park Boys.

Several episodes of the third season of Mt. Ararat use lines spoken in the episode as the episode title (Guys, We're Not Even Passing the Prius!, This is Mt. Ararat for God's Sakes); this practice was made popular by Trailer Park Boys.

Several episodes of the third season of Mt. Ararat use the Trailer Park Boys theme as an opening, mimicking the sepia establishing shots and Impact font.

The extreme cinéma-vérité style used in Mt. Ararat is similar to that used in Trailer Park Boys, if more erratic. The difference is that Trailer Park Boys is a scripted mockumentary, while Mt. Ararat is a real-life documentary with no prior planning.

There are many similarities between the trio of TPB protagonists and the trio of MTA protagonists. For instance, Mullen's habit of smoking cigarettes and speaking in malapropisms mimics that of TPBs Ricky; Hudson's thin stature and no-nonsense attitude mimics that of Bubbles; Nathaniel's habit of wearing black t-shirts and constantly holding a drink is similar to TPBs Julian.

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