The Compensation Mobile is a blue 2001 Ford Mustang purchased by Nathaniel between the events of Feel the Bern and Bye Bye Honda (Part One). The car replaces Nathaniel's father's 2000 Honda Accord as the primary vehicle of the series.

Nathaniel describes the car as "a little rough around the edges," explaining that "you have to shift into second before you shift into drive [...] every time you turn it on, the seatbelt like goes off even if your seatbelt's on, and [...] one of the headlights is higher than the other."

The Compensation Mobile was given its name by Hudson, as seen in Bye Bye Honda (Part One), suggesting that Nathaniel is using it to compensate for the size of his genitalia.

In the series finale, it is revealed that Nathaniel had sold The Compensation Mobile and bought a convertible, which he then sold after its radiator blew up. By the time of his flashforward scene, Nathaniel has purchased a 2002 Lincoln Continental.