In the series finale of the original run of Mt. Ararat, flashforwards are employed to show what the main subjects are up to in the months following graduation.

In most cases, a flashforward is played following that specific subject's receiving of their diploma. However, for Mullen — who has already dropped out — a flashforward is played as he wanders around the school grounds.

An additional flashforward is utilized as Graduation Day's cold open. It depicts Nathaniel, now living in the Boston North End. He talks briefly about the documentary and the effect it had on his life.

Mullen's flashforward is accompanied by a brief flashback as well. As he comes up onto the Mt. Ararat bleachers, we briefly cut to a clip of the football game in Homecoming Week.


Mullen: An interview with Mullen begins with him reciting his famous line, "Someone once told me that musicians, artists, and just...weird people, are the people who cause the rest of the world to think differently." He then reads an original poem to the camera, before saying goodbye to his family and driving away with his recruiting officer.

Ally: Ally is alone at her parents' camp somewhere in Maine. She is seen tending the fire and swimming. She tells the camera about the camp, then of her plans to attend college in New York.

Hudson: Hudson's flashforward sees him reunited with Zach Clark in their band Mixed Persona, playing their new song "Envy" at a public gathering in Bowdoinham. Hudson tells the camera that he has gotten a job at Goodwill, and plans on attending UMaine Orono in the fall.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel is seen pulling up to L. L. Bean in his new Lincoln Continental. He explains everything that went down in Boston, and that he sold The Compensation Mobile.

Jack: Jack, his father, and his little sister attend Boston Comic Con. Jack dresses as a character from a Saturday Night Live skit. Jack's final words in the series are "May the Force be with you."

Bronwyn: Bronwyn is seen, several months after graduation, in her dorm room at the University of Vermont. She explains that she and Cyrus broke up around graduation, but decided to get back together.

Flashforwards in chronological orderEdit

• Mullen

• Ally

• Hudson

• Jack

• Cold Open (Nathaniel)

• Bronwyn

• Nathaniel